DSS 50140 VK

DSS 50140 VK corresponds to the structure of DSS 50110 with an auxiliary mast extension of 40 cm. The diameter of the extension is thinner and exclusively used for a additional terrestrial antenna. To keep the transport unit small the upper end of the mast is dismantled and has to be plugged in by the installer,



DSS 50110 VK is delivered individually packed in a carton box.


Designation DSS 50140 VK DSS mast extension
Kind Rafter fastener galvanised steel Plug-in mast galvanised steel
Rafter spacing 50 – 90 cm
Mast length 100 cm + 40 cm 40 cm + 10 cm insertion depth

Pipe diameter

main mast

50 mm

Pipe diameter

plug-in mast

32 mm 32 mm
Max dish size 90 cm Exclusively terrestrial antennas
Weight 6,3 kg 0,80 kg
Grounding clamp Yes
Packaging Carton box Plastic bag
Cable bushing No No
EAN-code 4250157710499 4250157710512

Artikelnummer: 11049

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