KR IL 20

KREILING INLINE amplifier KR 20 IL is an amplifier suitable for the frequency range 950-2200 MHz (SAT-ZF). The amplification in this frequency range is linear 20dB. The power supply is remote-fed by the receiver antenna cable .




Type KR IL 20
Kind Inline- amplifier
Inputs 1
SAT frequency range MHz 450..2250
Subscriber outputs 1
Gain SAT [dB] 20
Remote power supply [mA] 75
Short circuit proof x
Ambient temperature -20…50°C
Dimensions in mm 82x28x17
EAN-code 4250157701329

KR IL 20 is not suitable for amplification of the trunk lines between cascade modules because there is no power supply between the cascade modules.

Artikelnummer: 10132

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