KR AE 85 PROFIplus

Designation KR AE 85 PROFIplus
Kind Satellite dish
Size 85 cm
Gain 39,5 dBi bei 12,75 GHz
Material reflektor Aluminium
Material mounting Steel-alu compound mounting
LNB feedclamp Metal
Mount  LNB 40mm
Accessories included “-“
Accessories optional Duofeed mount
Colours white, grey, red
EAN-Code  white 4250157711120
EAN-Code  grey 4250157711106
EAN-Code  red 4250157711113
Weight 6360 g
Delivery Without LNB
Miscellaneous Completely premounted, PROFI-LINE
Expandable to several satellites by
KR MFH 85+10
KR MFH 85+24

Artikelnummer: 11110, 11111 and 11112

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